Because Fish Art Aquariums values ecological sustainability, we only purchase the highest quality, fairly traded materials we can find. It is our delight to offer livestock like MAC certified specimens for your enjoyment.
Former client Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau, provided us with fascinating insight into some of the improper uses of the ocean environment and inspired us to take action like supporting sustainably harvested and handled MAC certified organisms, coral fragging, hand caught specimens, and the like.
As an Industry, we would like to demonstrate self-sustainability of the trade in terms of conservation, sustainable use, and biological diversity. Programs like MAC certification act under strict guidelines regarding handling, husbandry, and transport (HHT) standards, certified throughout the chain of custody.
Another champion in this area is Steve Robinson of Cortez Hand Caught Marines. Steve has been travelling globally to implement his teachings about the proper “hand catching” techniques of wild caught marine specimens. He has been providing this knowledge to village natives and saving countless reefs since the late 1970s when John Farrell first met up with him. Steve’s personal experience, advice and inspiration helped to shape Fish Art’s dedication to this process even before our formal inception in 1985.
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