Aquarium Remodeling:

Besides providing top of the line installations and maintenance, Fish Art is also known for releasing the potential of any existing aquarium.   Providing you with a completely renewed interest and appreciation for the aquarium you always wanted to have.

Studio Services:

When variables such as crystal clear water conditions, silent operation and quick installation and breakdown times matter, Fish Art provides all of it!  Short or long term rentals are available.

Aquarium Relocating:

Our expert knowledge and experience in installing large scale aquariums, makes moving and/or relocating any size aquarium possible

Specimen Transport and Storage:

Fish Art is capable of transporting and storing any number and size of fish at our facilities.  This is particularly helpful and necessary when an aquarium may be in need of serious structural remodeling or repair(another reason to install an aquarium and equipment correctly the first time).  Stored fish always receive the highest level of care and photographic inventory of each fish is taken for identification.


Fish Art has extensive experience in providing life support for aquariums which are inside a tented and/or fumigated environment.  This is particularly helpful when the aquarium is very large and catching all of the inhabitants is not likely or practical.  Our methods also preserve the delicate balances in the aquarium by preventing any interruptions to the delicate ecosystem.