Aquatic Plants

Fish Art has access to the largest aquatic plant nurseries in the world. Almost any type of plant you might desire can be delivered for you.


Fish Art has been designing filtration for ponds for over 30 years.  Expert consultation is provided at design stage by us, in order to get the best finished result.  Designing a filtration system for an existing water feature is second nature to a company which has been building ponds for over 30 years.   Were so confident in our equipment, Fish Art provides a one year warranty on all equipment installed and maintained monthly by our expert and qualified aquatic technicians.

Koi Transport and Storage

Fish Art is capable of transporting and storing any number of fish at our facilities.  This is particularly helpful and necessary when a pond may be in need of serious structural remodeling or repair(another reason to install the pond and equipment correctly the first time).  Stored fish always receive their very own pond and photographic inventory of each fish is taken for identification.

Predator Management

Turns out many local predators such as Raccoons and Heron love aquatic life just as much as our clients do(for different reasons).  Fish Art has been implementing completely safe, humane and successful deterrents for all predators since the highest tech versions became and become available.

Health Services

Fish Art provides comprehensive disease diagnosis and treatment for a wide array of exotic aquatic species.  Although most common diseases are fairly easy to diagnose and treat, we work closely with university pathology test facilities and aquatic veterinary’s for more difficult applications.