About Fish Art Inc.

Fish Art’s earliest goals were simple….total dedication to: customer satisfaction; correctly installed, totally functional and successful aquatic systems; expert service; and ongoing research and development of these fields.

As Fish Art Aquariums recently celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary, we continue to implement these business practices better than ever, and better than anyone else! Our installation and maintenance teams are dedicated to the ongoing success of your aquatic environment. We are truly proud of our work and it shows. We also have a manufacturing division currently producing a full line of the highest quality frozen tropical fish foods available today. We now have Worldwide distribution of these products after nearly fifteen years in this endeavor. www.calpetfoods.com
Our dedicated staff encompasses nearly fifteen men and women who are all trained under strict guidelines for their roll in the success of our companies. These are just some of the reasons Fish Art is recognized locally as the leader in the aquarium industry for our design, installation, manufacturing and ongoing upkeep of aquarium displays.

John Farrell, heads our design and installation team. He has the ability to create virtually anything a customer can in vision. His inventive and state of the art filtration systems combine our own research and development with components available commercially. Almost 30 years of experience in this field enables us to create magnificent filtration systems, proven to successfully support all types of aquatic life.

Jim Stevenson oversees the maintenance of these intricate systems and magnificent displays as Fish Art’s service department manager. His hands on approach and experience regarding the needs of our clients, as well as the needs of virtually any type of aquatic specimen is unsurpassed. Correctly performed maintenance and an informed staff is an ongoing commitment which we provide for the long term success of the Aquarium overall, including the acrylic tank, filtration and the aquatic life within.  Fish Art has developed an outstanding reputation for the successful long term care of what was once thought of (and still is in many circles) as difficult to maintain and unstable aquatic environments.

Fish Art Aquariums, Inc., established in 1985, was the collaboration of a young aquarium enthusiast (Jim Stevenson), and an even younger but highly practiced and skilled fish store employee (John Farrell).
John had been a successful fish keeper since the first grade, and a fish store employee since the age of twelve. He had been providing valuable information to store customers and building all of the aquarium systems sold by the store for almost five years. At this time John also had about a year of experience in the commercial aquarium installation and maintenance business, after co-founding and managing the store’s growing installation and maintenance dept.

Jim who was a restaurant chef at the time, was drawn to the aquarium store due to a recent renovation which made it a standout as one of the nicest and largest aquarium shops in the area. Jim became one of John’s in-store customers and quickly realized the knowledge that John already possessed, along with his own love for the hobby, could enable the two to form an exciting and successful long term business venture

In 1985, John entered his first year in college, taking classes in marine biology, oceanography, successful small business mgmt. and economics. Jim was not only busy trying to keep the younger partner focused on the business side of life, but was also busy with Fish Art Aquariums start up procedures, maintenance of the first handful of maintenance accounts and the general birth of the new company; Fish Art Aquariums, Inc..

The synergy of this relationship which started in 1985 continues to enable Fish Art Aquariums to offer exclusive benefits to our clients while enabling us the opportunity of supporting the inspired pursuits for the most amazing environments imaginable.