Fish Art is quite involved with the nutritional requirements of all fish, and even corals.  As worldwide manufacturers of the highest quality frozen tropical fish foods, we are capable of supplying the finest in gourmet meals for your pampered Koi, turtles and the like.

Krill for example, provides an unbelievable nutritional profile for the largest creatures on the planet….. whales.  Now your Koi, turtles, etc. can experience the same enormous benefits.   We offer Canadian wild harvested and uncooked krill, frozen in flat packs or IQF (individual) frozen whole Krill.  We manufacture a gourmet frozen koi food formula, complete with many different types of shrimp, crustaceans, worms, omega fatty acids, and more.  Aditionally we have IQF silversides which are super high in Omega 3’s for turtles.

It doesn’t take long for you aquatic pets to show you how much they love your generosity.  Soon you’ll have them eating right out of your hand….literally!
An array of super high quality pellet foods are available as daily feed and are engineered to change with the seasons (so only purchase what you will use in six months on the west coast).

Information on our high quality frozen tropical fish foods can be obtained at