In our quest to provide the ultimate in tropical fish keeping, we ventured into the Frozen Tropical Fish Food business in 1995.

Our goal was to produce foods that could easily meet the nutritional needs of any species of fish or invertebrate while minimizing pollution in their environment. We still share this vision and we are committed to improving the aquatics industry by manufacturing all-natural products with high nutritional value, without compromising cost.

Our main focus and the biggest difference between our foods and all other brands in the market is the source of our ingredients. Every one of our raw materials is harvested wild in its natural environment and flash frozen at -40F or below to maintain properties closest resembling its natural state. It is a widely recognized concept that commercially grown organisms do not contain the same variety and concentration of nutrients that they could contain after freely grazing in their natural habitat. (Compare free-range chicken versus cage-grown)
We gain certification from universities across the USA who extensively study and test our raw materials so that California all Natural Pet Foods can provide guaranteed pathogen and virus free feeds.

We supply our frozen feeds to aqua culture farmers worldwide who feed them to prawn and other shrimp that U.S. companies import for human consumption. This is clear proof of the quality and reliability of our sources.
In addition to this, several of our ingredients (squid, silversides, clams, beefheart and others) are obtained from certified food companies that supply restaurants and other human-grade food manufacturers.

The processing and packaging of our products is done by hand in our warehouse in Chatsworth, CA. This gives us the chance to constantly monitor and adjust the processes involved to identify and eliminate potential quality defects. We clean each ingredient thoroughly and we add only filtered water to our mixes to minimize contamination in the aquarium.

Our US product lines: feeder fish and Feeder Feast products