Established in 1985, Fish Art incorporates the latest in aquarium technology with beautiful, exotic fish and corals from around the world. We bring the ultimate in aquarium ownership, service and satisfaction. Our lease to own, “free standing” aquariums, are available in many sizes and styles. This commercial program defrays some of the upfront costs and our fixed monthly maintenance fee provides a comprehensive and complete “NO RISK” program.

Leasing aquariums to offices, restaurants, or other commercial locations
Leasing fees are billed together with monthly maintenance (for a period of twenty four months.)
After two years, ownership of the aquarium is yours. At that time, reduced and fixed monthly maintenance programs are available .

Aquarium Leasing and Maintenance are all inclusive: Exotic Salt Water or Fresh Water Fish, frozen tropical fish foods, vitamins, RODI Salt Water, necessary medications, water tests, water conditioners, water changes, filter media, coral/plant rotations, routine system inspections and complete aquarium cleaning inside and out.

24 hour emergency service extended to all customers